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Our First 5K — COMPLETED!

Adrian and I (and our boys!) ran our first (non-virtual) 5K on Sunday — the Coral Springs September 11th Remembrance 5K!

We had a GREAT time! It was such a fun experience to get out there with hundreds of people of all walks of life and run together. Very different from running alone in our neighborhood!! There were young people, older people, obvious athletes, the entire Coral Springs Fire Department, parents like us running with their kids in strollers, young kids and teenagers. The boys had a great time watching from the stroller.

Adrian and I were thrilled to have achieved a “personal best” for our time. My exact time was 48:42 and pace was 15:20! No, it’s not the fastest time ever, but considering we have only been running for just over three months, I am so proud of us. I think we did awesome!! We are really excited to sign up for another race. I bet that if we hadn’t had the stroller (which Adrian pushed the whole time!!), we would definitely have gotten an even better time, since we did have to stop a couple times to give the kids water/snacks/etc. I have to say, it’s definitely very motivational to run with a huge group of people and watch all of the people who are running fast! After completing one 5K, I definitely feel motivated to train to do a 10K or half marathon one day.

Here are some photos from after the race! (all photos taken with Canon Powershot G11)

Our First 5K Race | SIREN.ORG

You can see the boys in the stroller/wagon behind us here.

Our First 5K Race | SIREN.ORG

Lots of people!!

Our First 5K Race | SIREN.ORG

The city had this portable stage set up. Before the race, they were doing a big group warm up and had a ceremony to honor 9/11. We arrived just as that part was ending, though.

Our First 5K Race | SIREN.ORG

Here we are all together right before getting in the car. Couldn’t get William to look at the camera, but that’s okay!

Our First 5K Race | SIREN.ORG

I had Adrian take a shot of just me. As you can see, I wore my Polar heart monitor during the race. I burned 523 calories that morning! Woohoo!!

Our First 5K Race | SIREN.ORG

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