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2018 Year in Review

Every year, I make a post reviewing the previous year and and the resolutions (or intentions, as I call them, now) that I made. Here is my post for 2018.

First up, these are the intentions that I made. I chose 8 for 2018 and one word to guide me: FEARLESS.

1. Move mindfully.
2. Speak what you seek. (This is so good that it’s getting a second year on the list)
3. Keep an open heart.
4. See magic in the mundane.
5. Practice gratitude.
6. Release what no longer serves you.
7. Have patience.
8. “Find your voice – and when you do, fill the damn silence” — Meredith Grey; Grey’s Anatomy

These were actually much harder than they appeared at first thought. Moving mindfully became a challenge to me after I had a major car accident in March that left me with lasting injuries. Seeing the magic in the mundane got difficult and and I really had to keep looking. Practicing gratitude was easy when it came to others, but almost non-existent when I tried to apply it to myself. I am still working on releasing what doesn’t serve me, and my lack of patience (mostly with myself) is often astounding.

I feel that I succeeded at speaking what I seek (I have been doing well with manifesting the things that keep me going). I do my best to keep my heart open and receiving.

And finally, that Meredith Grey quote has stuck out to me all year. Any time I found myself nervous to be more true to who I am, I recalled this quote, and stood a little taller and stronger in my own spine. Fearless. I tell my kids all the time that they have no reason to be afraid of others or feel that they aren’t good enough, because we are all one and the same. There is no one that is “better” than you. Say what you really mean and don’t hold things back because it simply isn’t serving. Do what speaks to your heart.

Fearless. Strong. Capable. Free. I worried all year long that I was going to fail on this word. And it finally came to the very end, and I realized that I had been embodying it without realizing it. I just couldn’t see it in myself because I was too concerned about whether I was doing it right or not. About whether I was “enough” or not.

That’s not to say that I still don’t get scared, or I still want to run and hide (believe, me, I do… a lot… I am grateful for the people who have to listen to me complain about it, too, lol)… I still forget and need reminders that I can do hard things, that I have done more difficult things, and that I can cast my fears aside to do whatever it is that I need to get done.

But the thing is, we all actually have everything that we need, already inside of us. I just needed 365 days of this last year to see that I have the ability to release fear. I consider it a skill… one that I will continue to work to develop as I grow and evolve.


Now for my year in review. 2018 was quite a year.

This year, I started teaching yoga. I taught my first public class on January 5, 2018, which was just about 2 weeks after graduation from yoga teacher training. I started off with one class per week, and now teach 4 classes at several studios (more if I sub), and I have amazing students with whom I’ve connected. I began my 300hr advanced yoga teacher training. I’ve made some great friends this year, and deeply strengthened my bonds with others. I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought I could. I’m still learning…

My husband and sons continue to be supportive of my endeavors and I’m excited to see what’s in store for them in the next year, too. Adrian is always working hard on his company but shares his hobbies of playing musical instruments and video production with the family. Zachary is 10 now and exploring hobbies in engineering, computers, YouTube, and vintage computing. William is 6 and loves art and Godzilla.

This past year, I got to travel across the country with my beautiful family and made memories for my children. We took an epic trip in February, traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego. I was thrilled to be back in California and to see some close friends as well as family that we hadn’t seen in years.

While in California, I learned of the shooting massacre on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in my hometown area of Parkland/Coral Springs. I decided that I had to do something to help. I have friends who work at Stoneman Douglas and friends whose children attend the school. As a brand new yoga teacher, I pushed past my fears and led two benefit classes for Yoga4MSD in March and raised $500 to help the MSD yoga program & students.

I landed a full split at age 35 for the first time ever in my life! 🙂 Whee!! I never thought I would see that happen, ever!

The ladies in the center of this collage are all special to me — they were some of my first yoga teachers when I started practicing, and I’m very blessed to now call them friends. This picture is even more special to me now that two out of the three of them live outside of Atlanta. Shannon, in the back, moved to Europe earlier this year, but is never far from my thoughts or my heart. Cybele, who is next to me, is a little closer, just a couple hours away, and Rose, who at the time lived abroad, now thankfully lives here in the Atlanta area once again. I’m so grateful for the time we all spent together that day…

This year, I was lucky to hug many, many friends, near and far (too many to fit into this #bestnine square). I am thankful for each and every moment, as I also lost friends this year. Hold those you love tight…

I saw the Hamilton Musical with my son, and it was amazing!

We took another amazing trip in the fall, primarily visiting St. Louis and Chicago. Both cities hold so much history, and I wish I could have included more photos in the collage because there were just so many cool shots. St. Louis especially is a place that I’d love to return to and explore again.

I led my first yoga, meditation, and sound healing workshop with my friend Dana at my primary yoga studio, Village Yoga. We had such a wonderful group of participants and it was a fantastic experience!

And, I was reminded by my brother from another mother (and trusted hairdresser), Daniel Mason Jones, that I am like a Phoenix… I can be whoever I want to be and I can always, always rise up out of the ashes and become the light in the darkness.

2018 presented many challenges, but sooo many gifts along the way as well.

As I said before, sometimes it’s hard to see how far you’ve come until the very end… And here I am… I am proud of myself.

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