Hunter’s Moon

I often like to teach yoga classes based around the new and full moons. I typically reference the current astrological significance, but this month, I used the symbology of this month’s moon name, the “Hunter’s Moon.” In my yin classes, we took some shapes that resemble a bow and arrow, like childs pose, straddle, and reclined butterfly. In my basics class, we practiced floor bow, archer, and sky archer poses. After grounding my students and settling them into their breath, I read this meditation as I began my classes this week.

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The Hunter’s Moon is the second full moon after the autumn equinox. Now that the crops have been harvested, the light of the full moon can illuminate what was previously in shadow. The night can hide so much, but the moonlight clarifies the edges. Consider what you may have been hiding and holding in your heart… and what needs to be brought into the light.

The Hunter’s Moon invites us to be aware that whether we realize it or not, the true intentions of our heart are ready to manifest. Things will fall into place no matter what… your job is to stay focused, calm, and collected — just like the Hunter.

Envision yourself in a forest. Walk quietly… The hunt is all about timing, awareness, and choices. Draw an arrow to your bow. Where is your arrow pointed? Do you have a target in mind, or are you surrendering your arrow into the unknown? Inhale deeply, expanding the heart and filling all the way up. Hold it at the top as you release the arrow and exhale. Draw another arrow and repeat, inhaling to the very top and hold…. Let it go and release.

The Hunter’s arrow places us into alignment with our hopes, dreams, and goals, and asks us to take the necessary steps to manifest our dreams into reality. It is possible to be clear about what you want and also be open to the possibility of something new. At the same time, as you release your arrow, you must also release expectations.

Like the Hunter, learn to use your own internal compass to find your way. You may feel like you are traveling through a dense forest with winding trails, and perhaps you’ve lost sight of the path ahead, but you must understand that you already have everything that you need. Intuitively, you will figure out where you’re going and your arrow will eventually land true.

If you are a Hunter who knows your purpose, your WHY, and what inspires you to aim your arrow in a certain direction, the arrow will land within your sights. Even as winter approaches and the days grow shorter and darker and colder, the bright light of this month’s Hunter’s Moon will fill your heart and shine into your inner and outer landscape, lighting the way to your deepest desires. It will give you a fresh insight on who you’ve been, and who you are becoming.

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