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Things I’m loving about my kids, right now.

My parents occasionally like to remind me about all the adorable little things that I used to say and do when I was a kid. There were certain things I always liked to do or words that I couldn’t pronounce or little habits that I had which they thought were very funny.

I was thinking about my own kids and the things that I love about what they do — right now, at ages 15 months and almost-five.

William is still little and doesn’t talk very much yet, but we can tell he’s going to be great with music. He loves to repeat sounds and melodies. We are always amazed hearing him try to “sing” a song.

As for his personality, he is a very mischievous little baby; he loves to do things that he knows he’s not supposed to do! He’s the kind of little boy that you always need to have your second pair of eyes trained on! The best part is the little grin he gives you when he is doing something that’s not allowed – you can’t help but laugh because he’s so adorable!

William is getting to be a very good walker and Adrian and I love the way he toddles around the house. He and Zachary love to chase each other around, and he is starting to get pretty fast and run a little bit, which is so funny to watch.

He is such a curious little baby, too, very interested in how things work and cause and effect.  Every day when Adrian takes Zachary to school, he runs to the window to watch them leave, which you can see in the photo below.

#latergram William watching Zachary leave for school in the morning. #pictapgo_app

As for Zachary, he’s just the cutest! There are a few words that he still mispronounces; notably, he says aminal instead of animal, and he totally butchers “Millennium Falcon” and makes me laugh every time he says it. He also sometimes confuses breakfast for dessert and will wake up in the morning asking to eat dessert, which is just adorable!

He has such a good sense of humor right now and is learning to make jokes and say clever things. He recently learned the proper usage of the expression, “I’m bored,” and we think it is hilarious! He has an amazingly creative imagination and loves to make up and act out scenes from Star Wars, like in the photo below.

He asks nearly every day if it’s November yet, because he’s so excited to turn five years old.

He is very sensitive and sweet (and so wonderful and helpful with his baby brother), and that’s one of the things that I love the most about him. He told me a few weeks ago that he wishes that he could press a button to stop time so that he could always be a kid and Will could always be a baby, because he loves being a kid and loves his baby brother. I hope he is always as loving and caring as he is now.

Did you know that Darth Vader lives at my house?? #starwars #geek

What are your kids up to lately?

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