About Karen

Hi! I’m Karen.  

I’m bad at writing bios.

Here’s the quick and dirty: I am in my late 30’s. I am a mom of two boys, divorced, a friend to many, a yoga teacher, a photographer, and a self-professed unicorn.

A little bit more:

I have two wonderful boys, Zachary and William. I moved from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Atlanta, GA in March of 2015 and absolutely love it here!

Aside from a year in sales and a year teaching middle-school history, I have always worked for myself. While living in Florida, I ran a wedding and portrait photography business for over ten years. After diving deep into yoga following my move to Georgia, I completed yoga teacher training and am now a registered yoga teacher. If you’re in the North Georgia area, check out my yoga site for my schedule and come take a class with me!

I love coffee, good food and wine, the way that exercise makes me feel, spending quality time with my friends and family, travel, being outdoors, reading, heartfelt hugs, and obviously — yoga. I’m also a huge geek and a big fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Star Wars — to name just a few. I love cosmetics and have a huge makeup collection. I love having my hair dyed crazy colors and feel that it is an extension of who I really am. Living with my heart open and learning to speak my truth and be my authentic self is paramount in my life.

Blog Info

While my blog has changed throughout the past twenty-odd years, the reason why I’m writing is still the same. I think that sharing stories is powerful. Connecting and finding resonance with others is important. Although I got heavily into the mommy-blogging scene (and sponsored blogging) for a while after my son Zachary was born, moving away from an authentic-writing model, my goal now is come back and write from the heart again, much like I did back when I wrote on private platforms like Livejournal, back in the early 2000’s.

I’ve been writing and sharing myself online since I was just a kid. I launched my first website when I was thirteen and my first blog (before it was even called a blog) on my original domain name: siren.org, which was purchased for me as a 16th birthday gift from my aunt and uncle in 1998. The name came from my favorite Tori Amos song at the time, Siren.

This has been my life for a long time.

I may take occasional breaks from online sharing, but I always loved connecting with people all over the world with my words and the way it makes me feel. Even if you see a long lull (which may be a few months, or even a year), know that I’m still out here… and feel free to find me on instagram, where I post often @karenlisa.

What’s with the name Bright Autumn Sun? Well, I love autumn and I love sunshine. Also, when I started this blog initially about ten years ago, I was pregnant with a little boy and he was due in the fall. So… yeah. While this is no longer a mommy-blog, the name stuck; I still love it.

Email me at: gypsy at siren.org

Know, know too well…
Know the chill,
Know she breaks,
My siren.
— Tori Amos