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Virtual Running?

Before learning about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fun Run/Walk, I had never heard about virtual running before. Most of my running friends simply sign up for a local run, and from what I understood, some races offer finisher medals and some don’t.

But, this Virtual Running thing appears to be REALLY popular, especially for themed races based on fandoms that we all know and LOVE, and also for people who are trying to raise money for a charity that is close to their heart.

The best parts are:

  • Everyone who runs in a Virtual Race gets a medal included in their sign-up fee.
  • There is no set distance, and you can walk, run, bike, or whatever.
  • You can even split the distance, so if you’re doing a 5K, you could do 2.5K one day and 2.5K the next day.
  • You can do it anywhere, in any town, in any country!
  • You generally have a certain period of time to complete the run, like a one month period.

After receiving my GORGEOUS Doctor Who race medal, I can see how signing up for these races to get the “bling” can be totally addictive!  Keep in mind, I haven’t even done my first “full” 5k yet, so I don’t have a photo of myself with my beautiful Doctor Who “race bling” to share, but I know I will hit the 3.1 mile mark soon and will be able to wear it proudly for a picture. 🙂

I have found several other themed races that look totally fun – with awesome looking medals! Who knew that in an effort to get healthier and more fit, I may actually get obsessed with running just so I can have a reason to sign up for races and hang these medals up. I would rather sign up for a fun Virtual Run that not only helps me in my effort to get healthy and gives me a medal to show for it, than WASTE money on junk food or sugary coffee drinks.

Just Do it. Then Do It Again.

There are some really awesome medals out there! Here are some of the runs that I think are worth the beautiful or fun/themed medal right now! I found these through the Facebook group, Virtual Runs, which I just joined! I doubt I will do all of these since the registration fees really add up, but after I finish the Doctor Who run, I would like to sign up for another one!

Midsummer Night’s Run (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)
Sole Sisters (Cancer research)
Slice of Life – Dexter 5K/Half Marathon (American Liver Foundation)
Keep on Trekkin’ – Star Trek 5K/10K/Half (Animal Welfare Charities)
2013 Running for Fall 5K (National Multiple Sclerosis Society)
Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones 5K (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)
Support our Troops Veterans Day Run (Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House)
Pi Day 5K – 3.14 mile run (Teaching & Learning Collaborative – Math & Science)
The War Among the Stars – Star Wars Themed Virtual Runs

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