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Wordless Wednesday: Running in the rain

I know, I haven’t been posting much of the kids lately, but I have to brag again. 😉 So this is not a very Wordless Wednesday. 😉

I had an AWESOME run last night. The heat has been really hard for me lately, and I’ve been struggling a lot just trying to keep running (I have been doing a lot of walking lately). Last night it was nice and cool outside (around 85 degrees – ha ha – cool for a South FL summer) and started raining during the last half of my run. It felt so good! I kept pushing through and as of last night went the furthest I’ve gone so far, not to mention the best time for that distance (2.72 miles). If it hadn’t started completely pouring, I would have just continued and run the full 5k!

Yay me! Had a great time #running in the #rain! #pictapgo_app

And I burned 475 calories, not too shabby! 😉

#awesomeburn on my #run tonight!!! #pictapgo_app

If the weather is decent the next time I go running, I am going to try hard to hit 5k!


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