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Yay, the 12th Doctor!

This week is apparently YouTube’s Geek Week, so I have no shame in posting this super geeky blog entry today. 🙂

Yesterday was a fabulously exciting day, as the 12th Doctor was announced! Yes, we are huge Doctor Who fans here — even my 4.5 year old, Zachary loves Doctor Who!

At 1PM, I turned on BBC America and we caught the 10th Doctor, David Tennant’s, last episode The End of Time, where he regenerates into the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. Zachary loved watching it with me. At 2PM, the live special came on and we waited anxiously to see who the 12th Doctor would be!

Here is a pic of me and Z, excitedly waiting:

Watching #bbcamerica with my little boy and waiting to find out who the next Doctor is!! #doctorwho #bbca #pictapgo_app


Finally it was nearly 2:30PM and the announcement was made! Peter Capaldi! Well, I have no idea who this guy is (other than the fact that he played a part in the 10th Doctor episode, The Fires of Pompeii, which Adrian and I couldn’t help watching last night)…. but he seems pretty cool, and I think he’s going to be a fun 12th Doctor!

YouTube has a whole set of Doctor Who videos to watch, including the one announcing the newest Doctor!

Amazingly (and not really surprisingly either), tumblr is already BRIMMING with incredible fanart already. Yes, just a day after the announcement, tons of amazing fanart ready for our enjoyment! Here’s one of my favorites so far.

I can’t wait til the REAL photos come out with Capaldi and the TARDIS, though I kind of doubt we’ll see that until after the Christmas Special when 11 regenerates into 12. Taking bets on what they’ll name the Christmas Special — 12 Days of Christmas, anyone? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Yay, the 12th Doctor!

  1. Every single time you post about this show I want to start watching it. The first few eps from season one were just insanely weird to me but I trust you that it gets better. It’s just hard to find time to watch when the kids and Zach aren’t here, since one wants to watch but me LOL.

    Maybe Netflix app on the ipad, with earbuds??

    1. Crissy – the first season of the new series with the 9th Doctor were a bit cheesy but it does get much better. Doctor Who has traditionally been a fairly low-budget type production. If you look back at “Classic” DW it is so hilarious to watch. I think that after David Tennant took the role as the 10th Doctor, things got serious as far as the “revival” of the series catching on with a new generation of fangirls (lol) and they upped the production value, not to mention converted to High Definition. Watching it in HD is awesome!

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