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I have a few more things to share today. Today is the UN’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. My friend Tamara shared this link on Facebook that described a few Google employees’ efforts to work with the Israeli organization, Yad Vashem, to bring Holocaust related photographs and documents online for people to search. It is a resource… Read More remembrance


The Bris

Today we had Zachary’s Bris at my parents’ house. The Bris is the Jewish baby naming ceremony which involves the circumcision. It was attended by a small group of family & very close friends. The Mohel who performed the ceremony was Dr. Kaweblum, who is also a pediatrician. Because he’s a doctor, Zach was able… Read More The Bris


Home again!

Yay! Zach is home again! He looks like a beautiful pink baby now, no more yellow jaundice! It’s such a relief to be back in our own beds, and little Z seems to be happy to be in his comfy bassinet. Tomorrow we’ll be having his Bris (Jewish baby naming ceremony & ritual circumcision), and… Read More Home again!


Baby’s first Mezuzah

The other day I went to Boca Raton with my parents to look for a Mezuzah for the baby’s room. A Mezuzah is a scroll with a special blessing handwritten on it that is inserted into a decorative case and affixed to the doorpost. Most Jewish people have a Mezuzah on their home’s exterior doorpost,… Read More Baby’s first Mezuzah