The Bris

Today we had Zachary’s Bris at my parents’ house. The Bris is the Jewish baby naming ceremony which involves the circumcision. It was attended by a small group of family & very close friends.

The Mohel who performed the ceremony was Dr. Kaweblum, who is also a pediatrician. Because he’s a doctor, Zach was able to be numbed for the procedure. Dr. Kaweblum was wonderful! Zachary was such a good baby during the procedure.

I did stay in the room during the whole thing, but definitely didn’t watch! It was hard for me to hear Zach cry when the doctor gave him the shot of anesthetic, but I managed to hold it together. Adrian watched, though! He is much braver than I am! My dad held the baby during the procedure and did a great job!

Zachary cried a little after the local anesthetic wore off a few hours later, but is now sleeping comfortably.

We gave Zachary the Hebrew name of Yaakov Eliezar, after my mother’s father, Jack, and my father’s father, Louis. Zachary’s middle name, Jacob, is also after my grandpa Jack.

Here is a picture of me feeding Zachary after the Bris.

6 thoughts on “The Bris

  1. hey Karen, I am still super-pregnant and not able to get on the internet much, but congrats congrats congrats on beautiful Zachary and on this important rite of passage for him!!!!!! I have been reading your posts but had like zilch time to comment until now.

    Did you decide not to breastfeed? I am still really nervous about it. I honestly do not know if I am going to be good at it but my mom is here to help me at least.

  2. Mazel Tov! Maybe not to Zach right at this moment, but he’ll thank you later 😉

    Jack is our favorite name for a boy BTW!

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