Baby’s first Mezuzah

The other day I went to Boca Raton with my parents to look for a Mezuzah for the baby’s room. A Mezuzah is a scroll with a special blessing handwritten on it that is inserted into a decorative case and affixed to the doorpost. Most Jewish people have a Mezuzah on their home’s exterior doorpost, but many also hang one on the doorposts indoors as well. More information is located here at this wikipedia article.

Anyway, Adrian and I had received a gift certificate to Yiddishkeit, a Judaica store in Boca Raton, when we got married, and for some reason I hadn’t gotten around to using it yet. I was holding on to it for something special. I’m glad I held on to it, because we now have something VERY special coming into our lives!

With the gift certificate, I was able to purchase this beautiful Mezuzah for the baby’s room. It is beautiful… it matches our home, looks modern and will be appropriate when the baby gets older, and speaks to me with a beautiful message that incorporates all of the symbols that are woven into the design.

As a bonus, the Mezuzah was made in Israel and signed by the artist, Yossi Steinberg, which in my opinion, makes it even more special. Here it is!

Mezuzah for the baby

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