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Zachary’s First Passover

If you look at the site out of your RSS reader, you’ll notice it’s gotten a bit of a facelift! With Adrian’s help, I figured out enough CSS to do some customizations of my own. Yay!

Now, here are some photos from Zachary’s first Passover, which was attended by my Grandma and Aunt Leslie & Uncle Jerry and held at my parents’ home.

Zachary & Daddy

I really like these next 3 pictures of Adrian and Zachary with my Grandma (aka Zachary’s “GiGi” – Great-Grandma”)

Zachary & GiGi

Zachary & GiGi

Zachary & GiGi

Here’s Zachary with his adorable Passover bib. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good shot of his onesie before he spit up on it. It says “kosher for passover” – a gift from his Gram Z in Tennessee! I will have to take another shot before Passover officially ends. 🙂

Zachary's First Passover

Here he is playing with the toy that came with my parents’ high chair. He was really into the spinning part!

High Chair Toy

Mommy, Daddy, & Zachary

Zachary got to read the Four Questions this year! My first year not doing them! LOL. I might have helped him a little bit, though, since you know.. he can’t really read yet. Or talk.

Reading the Hagaddah

Zachary had a very full evening and was totally tuckered out and ready to go home a little earlier than usual, so we packed him up and he passed out as soon as he got in the car seat!

All tuckered out

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  1. love the new design here! zachary is getting soo big. you can really see his little personality come out in pictures now. he looks like a happy baby!

    that bib is super cute. 😉

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