Home again!

Yay! Zach is home again! He looks like a beautiful pink baby now, no more yellow jaundice! It’s such a relief to be back in our own beds, and little Z seems to be happy to be in his comfy bassinet.

Tomorrow we’ll be having his Bris (Jewish baby naming ceremony & ritual circumcision), and will be introducing him to the rest of our family.

Hopefully I won’t cry too much when the Mohel performs the procedure. Hearing your baby cry in pain is pretty awful, as I found after watching nurses do loads of blood work on Zachary yesterday and today. Fortunately the Mohel we picked is also a pediatrician, so Zach will be getting something to numb the pain and hopefully won’t cry very much.

1 thought on “Home again!

  1. Mazel-Tov! I hope your bris went well! If you stayed in the room, you are a stronger woman than I am! I left the house as soon as the Mohel started the snipping…

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