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So, I got a bike…

Inspired by several friends over the past few years, I’ve been wanting a nice road bike for a while. In the past, I had heavy bikes that were really too large for me and thus… uncomfortable to ride. I finally made the leap last week and got this absolutely gorgeous thing…

Meet my new friend, the Liv Avail 1.

I’m a little bit in love! <3

I went on a short ride in my neighborhood the first weekend I got the bike, then had my custom fit done, and what a world of a difference… yesterday I took a 16 mile ride through the Alpharetta Greenway… I saw so much beautiful scenery… flowers, trees, deer, a rabbit… and felt an amazing sense of peace with the wind in my face. I LOVED it. I’m absolutely hooked.

Next time, I’m getting out earlier and going longer. I’m so incredibly happy to have had that push from my friends to finally take the leap into cycling. It is an amazing feeling to be able to go so far and still feel so good. Running is great, but I feel like I am so limited with it, because I really don’t think I will ever truly be able to push myself for those long distance runs. But this? This is different. I can’t wait to get out again… <3

Me & my bike

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