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Snapshots from a happy life

I can’t believe we’re nearly half way through July! And I haven’t even written a blog post! Things have just been so busy – I haven’t had a free second to sit down and write, lately.

I have a bunch of random photos I can share, with little captions, which is a much, much easier way to catch up on my blog than writing a million different posts. So, time for another “Snapshots from a happy life” post… I just looked, and apparently I haven’t done one of these in over a year, which is totally unacceptable! Warning, this is a selfie-heavy post! 😉

First off, most noteworthy, Adrian and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on July 4th! We’ve been together for thirteen years and married for 11! Can’t believe that time has flown by so quickly! We had a nice, relaxing day with the kids. I started out my day at Orangetheory (of course) where I “dressed up” for the holiday in my first ever Sparkle Skirt (which was fun) and made sure to get a picture with my coach, Shelley, who was also sporting a patriotic outfit!

Me and Shelley

That night, Adrian cooked me dinner for our anniversary, and we watched fireworks from the comfort of our driveway (our neighbors apparently go crazy)! Fireworks

Also in new “workout fashion” – I’ve just gotten a new tanktop from Kids & Coffee Clothing, which I love love love! It says Mommy Group Dropout. SO perfect!

Mommy Group Dropout Shirt

Going along with exercise, I’ve also been eating healthy, and have lost a bit of weight over the past month and a half. This shopping cart made me happy!

Just look at that healthy cart!

The kids have been having fun joining in my fitness pursuits… here’s William laughing while I squat with him! LOL. Too fun! That day, I also did my weekly plank (I try to hold a plank every weekend to see how long I can go) and PRed with a time of 3:35.

Just doing some squats!

Then I decided to flat-iron my hair for the first time in six months. I am going to try to do this more often (even though it takes forever) because I got over 100 likes and 23 Facebook comments… LOL. So, I guess it looks good!

Flat Iron Fun!

I spent a few days in downtown Atlanta working with a friend of mine at the AmericasMart for the Atlanta Gift Show. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. I also took a few photos.




Finally, I was lucky enough to snag one of the new Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palettes! This was supposed to be a limited edition release, so I made sure to get up early and order it the day it was released! I’m soooo excited to play with it and will definitely post pictures!

UD Naked Smoky

After working downtown for three days, I finally got to go back to Orangetheory on Saturday morning for an awesome power class with Shelley. Loved the class and had my highest OTF burn so far – 618 calories! Had to take a selfie!

OTF is my happy hour

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