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On the edge of thirty-three

And the days go by
Like a strand in the wind
In the web that is my own
I begin again

“Edge of Seventeen” Stevie Nicks

I haven’t written a birthday post for myself like this in many years, probably not since before this blog existed. 🙂

Tomorrow, I am turning thirty-three.

How did THAT happen? I still feel like I’m about 21 or so… until I look in the mirror… or remember any of my many responsibilities. There are so many things that still don’t look the way I thought they would be. I think about where I am and that I’m too immature sometimes to be 33… But everyone thinks that, right? But there are so many things, too, that are better than I imagined. I don’t have to name them here. I know them in my heart and when I close my eyes. 🙂

The last time I thought much about my birthday, I was turning 30. A lot has changed since then. Things got a little crazy and stressful, as they often do. I had a second baby! I had a couple of health issues. Then, I decided to take control of my body and start the process of getting in shape and losing the rest of the baby weight. Our dog passed away. I decided to close my ten-year-old photography business. Then, we moved out of Florida. And here in GA, I began the process of figuring out what I want out of my life, once again.

That’s a lot in the past three years.

32 was an okay year. It was a tough year at times… but there was a lot of good. Moving was one of the best things we did this year, and in the past almost-four-months of living in Georgia, I have met many wonderful people who have become friends and have positively influenced my life in ways I couldn’t have ever have imagined. I am grateful to be here, to be in a place in my life where I am able to take every day and enjoy it exactly the way I want to. Every day I wake up and I feel incredibly lucky. Of course, I miss my family and my close friends in Florida. But I am so thankful to be here in this place where I can feel… free. After the past three years of craziness, it’s a relief. No, life isn’t always perfect, but even on those not-so-perfect days, I can still find beauty. And that’s something special.

So tomorrow, on my birthday, I’m going to enjoy my day in the most perfect way possible. I’m starting out with an Orangetheory workout with Laura, one of my awesome trainers, and I’ve invited a couple of my friends to join me. I’m so excited to have a “birthday party” (sort of…) at my very own “happy place” and to spend time with friends.

It’s going to be a great day.


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