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Achievement Unlocked!

It always seems impossible until it's done.

A little over two weeks ago, we had our Peak Performance Week at Orangetheory, where we basically worked our hardest to achieve PR times for certain exercises in running, rowing, and planking. I ran a mile in 12:27, which was a PR for me. I’d gotten close to that time only once before (on a good day, I’m normally between 13:30-14:30), but wondered if I would ever be able to break the 12 minute mark.

Running has always been hard for me. I feel like a broken record because I say this all the time. Getting under 12 minutes seemed impossible… but I am DETERMINED┬áto get faster. The last few weeks since Peak Performance Week, I’ve been pushing my speeds just a tiny bit, trying to get my body used to going faster for longer periods of time. It is HARD for me. Seriously hard. I often feel like my legs and my heart rate don’t want to cooperate. Sometimes my heart rate is fine, but my legs give out. Sometimes my legs can keep going, but my heart rate just gets too high and I need to stop. It is such a frustrating feeling!

However, when I found out that we had another 1 mile run again on Friday as part of our run to row workout, I was determined to get under 12 minutes, even if it was by one second. I was a little nervous – since I started pushing my speeds up, I’ve had some nasty shin splints that had been bothering me. I had taken a running break on Thursday and purchased some compression sleeves, which really seemed to help. When I got up Friday morning, I had no pain, so I was excited to take on the challenge.

I was scared I wouldn’t be able to hold on to my speed for the entire time, but somehow I did it.

Not only did I do it, but I finished even faster than I could have ever dreamed. I PRed on my 1 mile run with a time of 11:22! I shaved over a minute off my last time!

I honestly had NO intention of finishing under 11:30. I just wanted to get under 12 minutes, just to say I could do it. But once I knew I could get there, there was no slowing down. I felt like I was flying. When I stopped the treadmill, I almost cried! It felt like I was in the middle of a dream.

My OTF coaches are constantly saying that I am stronger than I think, and it’s true. I think I finally believe them. (Thank you Shelley & Laura!)

No, I’m not going to have perfect running days all the time. I probably won’t have another perfect day like that for a while. Those days are few and far between for me.

But, I know I can do it. And one day, I’m going to do it again… and┬áthen, I’m going to do better.

Believing in yourself is the first step to doing anything!

Fun at OTF
Me after my class, with Heather (who works at the front desk) photobombing!

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