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My No Parking Sign

Do you know that feeling you get when you do something fantastic and rewarding? I had that feeling recently.

I am proudly responsible for the No Parking sign you see below.

A few months ago, I got fed up with all of the people who park here on the sidewalk I use for my running/walking loop, to fish in the canal. Parking here means that I am forced into the street, which can be a bit hazardous with the cars that are driving in the opposite direction that I’m running. It is especially dangerous if I have the jogging stroller with me, since that means that I have to put the kids in traffic. You never know if someone is going to whip around the corner a little too quickly and cause a tragedy.

I decided to take action into my own hands and call the City of Tamarac and explain the problem. The man that I spoke to in the city planning department agreed with me completely that it was a potentially dangerous situation, since many people use the same walking path that I do. He said that it would take several weeks, but at some point, a sign would go up.

Sure enough, I took William for a walk one morning about a week and a half ago, and my sign was up. I’m sure the people who drove by must have thought I was crazy taking pictures of myself in front of a No Parking sign, but I am so proud of that sign!

You never know what can happen. There are lots of kids that walk in this area since the park is right across the street, lots of moms that love taking their babies for walks just like I do, and many walkers and runners who use that sidewalk every day. I like to think that by taking action and doing what I felt was the right thing, I may have saved a life. One day in the future, even when I no longer live in this city or in this state, this sign will be here, protecting pedestrians and allowing them to safely enjoy the use of this sidewalk!

I am proudly responsible for this #noparking sign. About 2 months ago, I got fed up with the people constantly parking here to fish in the canal, blocking the sidewalk from the many runners and walkers who use the same loop I use, forcing us to go into t

me and "my" no parking sign. See my previous picture for the story. #pictapgo_app

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