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Fit Friday: More milestones, and a new toy

I hit a new milestone this week — 30lb down. Actually, I’ve lost a total of 32.4lb. I’m now less than 10lb away from my first major goal! I’m so excited — when I reach that goal, it’ll be the same weight that I was during my senior year of college, the same weight that I was when I got married.  I can’t believe I’m so close. Technically, I still have a little more to go after that, but everything after my first big goal is bonus.

I’ve been selling a bunch of baby stuff online that I’m no longer using, and with the cash that I’ve earned, I’ve added another tool to my workout arsenal – a BOB Revolution jogging stroller. So far, I’m mostly walking with it, since it’s taking a bit to get used to jogging while pushing a stroller, but William and I absolutely love it.

Here’s a photo after our first walk together in the BOB:

Me & Will - after our first walk in the BOB yesterday :) #pictapgo_app

Last night, Adrian took Zachary out for a 4.5 mile run, and they went to a local rock climbing park. Adrian took these pictures of Zachary climbing — he had a great time!


Z at the Rock Climbing Park

Today I took Will on a 2.5 mile walk to the Tamarac Sportsplex. They have a playground for smaller kids, and Will loved swinging and running around. What a fun time!

Having fun at the park while on a walk with mama :) #pictapgo_app

Play time with mama at the park while on our walk this morning. Yay! He didn't want to go home! #pictapgo_app


We love having a fit family and incorporating our kids into our workouts. It’s important to us to be healthy and to show them that being fit is fun!

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