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Motivation Monday: 5K, Family Style!

As you all know, Adrian and I signed up to do the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 5K Fun Run/Walk, which was actually my motivation to get up and actually start running, back in MAY! We have both, since then, run 5K during our weekly runs, but we haven’t had a chance to do it together. Yesterday, we did! We took the kids out with us and did our 5K in honor of the Doctor Who Fun Run/Walk. Here are some photos (yes, all Instagram pics, since they’re easy) from our run…

Here are the boys enjoying some quality time together playing on the iPad while Adrian and I ran:

The kids enjoyed playing together on the iPad during our run this evening. #latergram #pictapgo_app

This was the beautiful sunset that I looked back and saw when we arrived back at home. It was a wonderful evening!

We saw a fiery looking #sunset from our yard when we got home from our run with the kids tonight. Perfect end to a perfect day.

This is what our route looked like. 3 miles really is quite far! Wow.

Our #5K route that we took yesterday!

And here we are as a family after our adventure! HUGE PROPS to Adrian for pushing the jogging stroller the entire way. He’s amazing! 😉

Our family last night after doing a #5K together with the kids in the wagon! We had such a great time! #pictapgo_app

Every Sunday, we are going to start doing a run with the kids in the jogging wagon. Sunday is our family day, so it will be a great activity and a wonderful way to get our kids involved in our fitness goals – even if they are just hanging out and playing together in the wagon! 🙂 I’m so happy we got to enjoy a run together, plus, we qualified for our Doctor Who medals, which are awesome! 🙂

Our awesome #medals from the 50th anniversary Doctor Who Fun Run! #doctorwho #5k #bling

Adrian and I were looking at some races happening locally, and as I’d seen the Coral Springs September 11th Remembrance 5K a few weeks ago, we just decided to sign up for it on a whim! So excited that we’ll be running our first “real” 5K together with our kiddos!! Even if it takes us almost an hour (and it probably will, since we’re going to be pushing the stroller), it’s going to be an awesome time! We are looking at a few other races too, including the Tamarac Turkey Trot, which takes place right in our town (just down the street from our house, actually)!

Are you signed up for this 5K or any other races this fall?

Coral Springs September 11th Remembrance 5K

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