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Fitness Friday: Enjoying Tennis & Our First 5K!

I know, this is my third running post in a row. I can’t help it! I just didn’t want to wait to share the events of yesterday evening! In big news, Adrian and I both went for our runs last night and both of us hit the 5K mark!! I am so proud of us!

Here’s what my Polar Monitor looked like after my run! I don’t think I’ve ever burned this many calories in one session before, so this was pretty awesome.

I ran #5K for the first time tonight (so did my husband! yay!) and it was awesome! Even more fantastic was my #awesomeburn recorded by my #polar monitor!!! :)

Even though it was slow going and I came in at 52 minutes, I still made the 5K mark, and now I know that I can do it! I don’t think I will ever be a particularly fast runner, but I’m enjoying this challenge to keep moving and keep improving. I’m also super happy that my husband is joining me in my quest to be more physically fit! We have both been running 3x a week and I’ve been getting cardio dance sessions done in between. Yay for us!

Next up, yesterday when I brought Zachary to Tennis Camp, I had my camera with me (was on my way to a photo shoot) and couldn’t help taking some cute pictures of him in his tennis outfit with his racquet! He is just adorable! Our whole family is thrilled that he’s enjoying this program. We have noticed a real maturation this summer, which I can only attribute to being involved in sports. I wish that we had done this sooner, and we plan to have him continue with sports during the school year, too. It has had such a positive influence on him!

Tennis Lessons | Bright Autumn Sun

Tennis Lessons | Bright Autumn Sun

Tennis Lessons | Bright Autumn Sun

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