Family, William, Zachary

11 days old.

I meant to write a blog post on William’s one-week birthday, but I was too busy snuggling him to get on the computer. It’s understandable, with how adorable he is. 🙂 I actually wrote this post yesterday (June 29th), but got sidetracked and didn’t get to hit publish. So, here it is, today! Today William… Read More 11 days old.


The Bris

Today we had Zachary’s Bris at my parents’ house. The Bris is the Jewish baby naming ceremony which involves the circumcision. It was attended by a small group of family & very close friends. The Mohel who performed the ceremony was Dr. Kaweblum, who is also a pediatrician. Because he’s a doctor, Zach was able… Read More The Bris


Home again!

Yay! Zach is home again! He looks like a beautiful pink baby now, no more yellow jaundice! It’s such a relief to be back in our own beds, and little Z seems to be happy to be in his comfy bassinet. Tomorrow we’ll be having his Bris (Jewish baby naming ceremony & ritual circumcision), and… Read More Home again!