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5 months old

Zachary is five months old today! This past week has brought so many new things for him. A few days before we left for our first family trip, Zachary had a bit of a fever, so we took him to the doctor and learned the he had an ear infection. So, he is taking his… Read More 5 months old


I love my cuddly.

I did not realize how much teething sucked. I heard about it from my friends, but I didn’t realize how much stress it would put on both myself and my baby! Over the weekend, Zachary started acting a bit “stressed out.” Yesterday, his fussing continued with general bouts of crying and spitting up and restlessness.… Read More I love my cuddly.


Home again!

Yay! Zach is home again! He looks like a beautiful pink baby now, no more yellow jaundice! It’s such a relief to be back in our own beds, and little Z seems to be happy to be in his comfy bassinet. Tomorrow we’ll be having his Bris (Jewish baby naming ceremony & ritual circumcision), and… Read More Home again!


One week

Today was our baby boy’s one week birthday. Unfortunately we had to spend it in the hospital. Zachary was born a little jaundiced, so we went back to repeat the bilirubin test today. The number was higher, so he had to be admitted to be put under the lights. Fortunately we get to sleep here… Read More One week