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My Orangetheory First Anniversary!

Base, Push, All Out, Repeat

So, I am finally getting around to posting this blog entry about this fabulous day I had.

One year ago, after not working out at all for six months, feeling completely stalled in my fitness, lacking energy, and wishing I was healthier & stronger, I decided to try a free Orangetheory Fitness class at OTF Coral Springs/Parkland along with a group of South Florida bloggers. Little did I know, that day would completely change my life. The class left me sore for days, but that first taste got me addicted. And now I can’t get enough!

May 28th was my one year anniversary of working out at Orangetheory.

As someone who grew up extremely unathletic, with zero interest in fitness or exercise, I take a lot of pride in completing this first year at Orangetheory.

Working out at OTF helped me through a crazy, stressful year. OTF was therapy for me when my dog passed away – I remember running my fastest mile ever that week when I channeled my energy into the treadmill.

OTF gave me friendship – that of the coaches, other members, and my friend Ann, who became one of my best friends after we started working out together last fall. OTF gave me strength.

Me after one of my first OTF classes last year

OTF taught me that I was capable of pushing myself much further than I ever thought I could. OTF showed me that exercise wasn’t boring and that challenging myself could be fun.

Orangetheory completely changed the way I thought about everything I thought I knew about exercise. It changed me from someone who felt they needed to exercise to stay healthy, to someone who wants to exercise to be strong — and get stronger.

I still have a ways to go with my journey, but this first year has been an amazing step forward for me. I absolutely loved working out at the Coral Springs South and Parkland studios when I lived in Florida, and now that I am here in Georgia, my new studio, Suwanee-Brookwood has welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like part of their family in a very short time.

On my anniversary day, my coach, Laura, set up a special treadmill with a balloon for me and played some of my favorite songs on her playlist. The staff put up a little sign congratulating me on my first anniversary, and gave me a pair of cute OTF sunglasses! My coaches continued to congratulate me in class during my anniversary week, which felt so great!

I am so thankful to be here at this great studio and to have coaches that care about me and inspire me to push even further. As I move into my second year of Orangetheory training, I’m so excited to take things up a notch and work harder to get the results I want.

Here are some pictures from my special day! Thank you so much to all of the coaches and staff members at OTF Suwanee-Brookwood for making me feel extra special!

My Orangetheory Fitness 1st Anniversary
Me and Coach Laura after class
My Orangetheory Fitness 1st Anniversary
Me and my balloon!
My Orangetheory Fitness 1st Anniversary
Loved my special sign!
My Orangetheory Fitness 1st Anniversary
It was an awesome class and I worked so hard! Really felt great & inspired for the whole class and pushed it!
Orange is the happiest color
Orange is the happiest color for sure!

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