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Happy & Complete

William turned 8 months old a few days ago, on February 18th. I remember how difficult the newborn stage was. It’s hard to believe that it was just a few short months ago, as the early days feel kind of like a dream. I can’t believe that I now have an 8 month old who is such a great and mostly very easy-going baby. Everyone keeps reminding me that I’m going to have a 1-year-old in just four short months- I’m not ready for that!

It’s pretty crazy how fast life moves and how quickly life changes with a new little baby. When William was a month old, I will admit… life was tough. Just thinking about that period is enough to make me wonder why anyone could ever go through having more than two babies! Between the baby waking up 3 or 4 times in the middle of the night… the constant eating… crying and not being able to figure out why… hormones raging… no, doing that again is not in the cards for me!

So to answer the questions of those of you who are wondering if I am going to have a third baby… The answer is NO. 🙂 A resounding no, in fact. We are very confident that our family is now complete with our two wonderful boys. I look at them together and I feel so happy. I cannot imagine life without the two of them! Adrian and I are looking forward to doing lots of fun things with our two favorite little guys. Even though William is only 8 months old, I feel like he is an old soul sometimes and has been with us forever. He is very bonded with me, Adrian, and especially his big brother, Zachary.

Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have another baby, especially if we would have a girl, but the truth is that we are definitely done. I have no desire to have another, and I do not feel “badly” because I don’t have a girl, as some have asked me. I only hope that one day I’ll have a daughter-in-law that I can connect with, and maybe I’ll have a granddaughter, too.

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  1. That was by far one of the most beautifully written words I have read, You are so right: a child is a child regardless of whether it be a son or a daughter. In life you have to be fortunate to have your children love and cherish you as you do them. I hope you have everything you wish for….now and in the future! I feel confident that your sons will choose well and you will have a lovely family of grandchildren and daughters-in law to nurture in the future. You chose very well!! Everyone loves you who meets you. XO

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