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Snapshots from a happy life

It’s been a while since I’ve done a snapshots post, so I’m going to do this instead of a Wordless Wednesday today, as I have a good month’s worth of images to catch up on! I have been instagramming every day as part of the Project Life 365 project, and I have so many great photos. It’s definitely hard to pick out my favorites since it’s been so long since I’ve posted my snapshots. Nevertheless, here are some of my favorites:

Baby boy has been waking me up early, so I’ve been seeing lots of sunrises. I loved this one in particular, as the moon was still full as the sun rose in the morning. So pretty, especially with the birds flying through the sky.

Beautiful full #moon over my backyard during this morning's #sunrise!

My Maya dog. I don’t post enough of her as I ought to. She’s such a good girl. She loves getting snuggles, and she is extremely sweet and loving.

Snuggles with my #dog Maya. Yes, her eyes are blue! :) #dachshund

I’ve been cooking a lot this year so far, and eating lots of eggs. I love eggs! I have been eating different egg recipes for breakfast. This is one I really liked, with an egg, avocado, quinoa, and sriracha sauce. Yum!

This was my brunch today: quinoa, avocado, and egg. Plus a drizzle of sriracha. Yum! #red #projectlife365

I love this shot of bougainvillea flowers. They grow all over South Florida and will always remind me of home!

These #grow all over #southflorida. I love them. #projectlife365 #bougainvillea

A selfie I took in South Beach after a fun portrait session. The sunset was too beautiful, I couldn’t help capturing a picture of myself with it in the background!

Last night in #southbeach - had to snag a quick shot with the #beautiful #sunset!

I love this image of William enjoying his hot air balloon mobile. The mobile was originally Zachary’s, but when he grew out of it, we decided to put it over Will’s crib. He just adores it!

Baby William loves his hot air balloon mobile! #adorable #baby

We spent the afternoon with my best friend Amy earlier this month and went to a little park near her house. The kids loved it!

Swirly slide! #park #fun #igersftl #southflorida

We also had some excitement when a water main sprung a leak. The city sent crews out to fix it, first with an excavator to dig up the road, and second, one with a mini-steamroller, to flatten the ground again so they could pour asphalt over it.

A bit of excitement in front of our house this morning! A crew is fixing a leak in the water main. #igersftl #southflorida #tamarac

Guy fixing the road in front of our house with the mini steamroller! #southflorida #igersftl #tamarac

Good times with my Zachary! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful kids!

Laughing with my Zachary. I'm such a #lucky #mommy to have such a wonderful #child! #projectlife365

Awww… my two babies in the crib. And their PJs are somewhat similar too. So cute.

Two little babies in a crib... Hehe ;) #babygram #babies

Last week, we went to Boca Play Station to meet up with my friends Erika & Raffaela and their kids. We had such a great time! Zachary loved having some new friends to play with, and I loved having some adult talk with my friends while Z was occupied playing with the other kids. Can’t wait to do it again!

We had a great play date today (it involved a bounce house.... Z's favorite thing ever)... #steps towards a new friendship! #projectlife365

My favorite photo of this group… I’ve been trying to get a picture of William touching his index finger to mine for a while now… when you say “finger” and stick your finger out, he will touch your finger… like a little “ET.” It’s been so hard to capture with my camera, but I got it. So adorable! 🙂

Finally got a pic of Will doing the ET finger with me!! I love this #baby so much!

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