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Snapshots from a happy life

So, last week we were on vacation (more about that later this week), and apparently in my haste to post my Snapshots from last week… I completely missed half of January while browsing through my Flickr account. LOL. So, instead of a traditional Wordless Wednesday post, I’m again going to do more snapshots. Because these are too cute not to post. 🙂

Good morning! it’s a happy baby! I was so exhausted the morning I took this picture, but William was too adorable 🙂

My little morning person. Ugh. Too adorable to be upset with for waking me so early, even though I'm simply exhausted!! Lol.

Here I am before heading out to shoot a wedding with my friend Stacey! I love doing my makeup before a wedding day. I don’t leave my house some days, so getting dressed up to go shoot is fun!

Off to shoot a wedding today!! #photographer #style #projectlife365

I had to pick up some dog food for Maya, and Zachary was entranced by the snakes at Pet Supermarket. Even though he thought they were gross!

Checking out the snakes at Pet Supermarket.... Ewwwww!

William and I went on a shopping trip to Publix while Zachary was at school one day. Publix gives out a free cookie to every child. Of course I would allow my seven month old to have a cookie – at least a bite 🙂 He loved it!

The best part of a trip to #Publix... Getting to eat the free kids cookie :)

Later that day, we headed to the park… the kids had a great time together!

Playing at the park :) @explorerziem

I love my boy. I'm glad he had fun at the park today.

William teething… no fun 🙁 I think I took this picture just a day or two before his second tooth cut through the gum.

Teething, tired.

Aunt Amy came over to visit and Zachary showed off all of his dinosaurs. We all walked over to check out the line of lizards, and this picture was created!

We had a #guest today. Aunt Amy came over to play & eat dinner. Z, Amy, and I checked out Z's dinos lined up on the floor. :) #projectlife365

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