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A 14-Year Old Memory

A few weeks ago, I had a flash of a memory of a day on campus at the University of Florida, when I was a student, fourteen years ago. While going through a box of my things, I found an old journal, where I actually wrote an entry about that very morning. It was such a clear memory that I must have felt the need to write it down. I found it so interesting that I thought I would share it here on my blog.

Century Tower
Century Tower at the University of Florida. I wish I had a high-res version of this image!

Tuesday, October 15, 2002, 11:21 AM

I got to school this morning at 11 am. As I walked by Century Tower, the bell started ringing. It was very eerie. On a usual Tuesday morning, campus would be bustling with tons of students walking through Turlington Plaza, but today, though, even my bus was unusually empty. I walked through campus to the Reitz to buy my morning coffee and noticed that the scene at the food court was similar – it’s dead!

Maybe the weather threw everyone for a loop. Despite the humidity, today could be a day right out of an Alaskan summer. It’s about 70° and it’s cloudy enough to start storming at any moment, but I love it.

There are so many things about this place that I’m taking note of, knowing that I’ll be leaving in just a year. I have a feeling that time will pass by quicker than any of us can imagine.

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