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My 2015 Resolutions Review

It’s that time again. Today, I’m posting a review of my 2015 resolutions, and soon I will share my 2016 resolutions. This year was a weird year because we moved, so a lot of things I wanted to get done just didn’t happen. I honestly made WAY too many goals for the year, really knowing full well that we were going to be moving, so there was no possible way that I would have attained all of them. It’s all good, though. I’m not upset.

What didn’t happen, didn’t happen, but what did happen, was great! Here is my review:

Continue my 3-4x per week workout regime at Orangetheory Fitness. Work on getting fitter and stronger and healthier.

Yes!! This happened! I lost quite a bit of weight and gained a lot of muscle, and I’m in better shape than I ever have been in my entire life! Not only am I still working out at OTF, but I have added cycling and other forms of exercise to my routine. I did things with my body that I never imagined myself capable of doing. A year ago I could barely hold a plank for one minute. This year, I held a plank for just over SEVEN minutes. I’m so excited about what’s to come, fitness-wise, in 2016.

OTF and Cycling
Me after completing Orangetheory’s Halloween Hell Week and me on my bike at the Greenway

Purge a LOT of the clothing in my closet. Haven’t worn it in years…. It doesn’t belong there anymore.

Did this too. I got rid of a ton of clothes when we moved, and I’m continuing to purge as I lose weight and no longer need to keep larger sizes. In fact, I recently donated a huge amount of clothing. It feels so good to clean out the closets of things that will never be worn again.

Work on my personal style. Replace (eventually) purged clothing with clothes that fit my style.

I’m working on this… It’s a process. Even though I’m in gym clothes most of the time- lol. I find that I really do like wearing a lot of black clothes. I just can’t hide from it! And I really like my fandom stuff. One of my newest favorite sweatshirts is a Star Wars sweatshirt. I love it! And now that I’ve lost so much weight, it’s a lot easier to purchase clothing and enjoy wearing it, too.

personal style

Do something with my hair.

Done! I put purple, blonde, and red streaks in my hair! LOVING IT!

purple hair


Ok… So the following things just DIDN’T HAPPEN. I was focused on other things due to the move, learning about life here, different hobbies, making friends, needing time to myself, not wanting to be on the computer, really not wanting to photograph anything for several months, and well…lots of other things. Some of these things, I’m a little disappointed by, as I really do wish I had taken more photos with my professional camera, but I wasn’t ready to get back into photography or even just BE CREATIVE for quite a while. However, I’m ready now, and I think that 2016 is going to be a very different year for me.

Work more on the business side of my blog.
Focus on writing better, more organic and personal blog posts. I like those best, and so do my readers.
Work on our family albums. Preferably finish one vacation book and one annual book.
Sort my iPhone photos in Lightroom. Preferably by month, but at the very least by year.
Photograph everything- especially using my 5D Mark III.
Indulge in creativity.
Be a more patient & present person… Especially when it comes to the kids.
Read 50 books (or as close to it as possible).


Thoroughly clean out my house (and keep the house cleaner), and purge unneeded things, including baby items/books and toys that are no longer used.

While I’ll never win the housekeeper of the year award, that’s okay… I do think that things look better than they used to… and yeah, all the baby stuff is finally gone! Sometimes I find a few things here and there, but they are getting tossed into a box to be donated.

Spend less money.

Let’s just say I will be better next year.

Spend more time with friends & family.

I made lots of friends here in GA this year, which I am so grateful for, as making friends isn’t easy when you’re out of college… and I loved spending time with them! But, I wish I had spent more time with my parents and missed seeing my Florida family and friends very much.

Take time for myself when necessary.

I definitely did this – and so happy I did! Since I took 9 months off working after we moved, I found that taking time for myself was really necessary for me, and thankful that my wonderful husband has been supportive in my endeavors to take time out when needed to head to the Greenway on my bike, go run a 5K, take my OTF classes, or simply go to the grocery store alone!

Schedule more family activities. Act like a tourist!

We did some cool things this year – Tallulah Gorge State Park, Consolidated Gold Mining Company, Autrey Mill Nature Center, walks in the Deer Forest behind our house, trips to TN, visits to the Atlanta Symphony, a hike at Piedmont Park, and I took a few great bike rides with my good friend at several beautiful places here in N. GA.

Bays Mountain, TN
A deer at Bays Mountain, TN
Autrey Mill Nature Center
The boys and I explored Autrey Mill Nature Center in Johns Creek, GA
Tallulah Gorge
We visited Tallulah Gorge State Park in the North GA Mountains

Move out of Florida! 🙂

Yes yes yes! We are loving life in GA!

Here is our first photo in front of our house in GA – March 2015!

Georgia Life


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