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Running in head-first

So, being new to Georgia, I need to develop a social life and find things to do. I’m not doing much photography at the moment, just soaking in my new surroundings, enjoying some time being a stay at home mom, and getting my house in order (who knew we had so much stuff? now we have to unpack it all!).

Since I’ve fallen off the healthy train a bit over the past couple weeks, I decided to put my health and fitness back at the forefront of my life and make that my new “job” – I’m going to be back at Orangetheory Fitness 2-3 times per week, walking in my neighborhood, and I just went ahead and registered for a bunch of 5k’s and runs.

Here is a shot of me at Orangetheory yesterday morning! I had a great class, and my coach, Risa, was awesome and very motivating. I am really enjoying my new studio.

Had a great session this morning at #OTFsuwaneebrookwood! Love my new studio here in GA! #OTF #orangetheory #orangetheoryfitness #otfstrong #otbeat #whatsyourallout #basepushalloutrepeat #loveotf #fitness #fitspo #fitmom #fitfam #igersatl #igersatlanta #f

The first race that I signed up for is THIS WEEKEND. In downtown Atlanta. Yes, apparently I’m crazy.

At Orangetheory yesterday, I ran a mile in a little over 14 minutes, and I was pretty winded – I probably could not maintain that pace for a 5k, but that’s okay. I am hoping to get a few more OTF sessions in this week to get some more practice, though. At my last 5k back in November, my average pace was 14:01 and I finished the race in 43:31. I am NOT a fast runner, and I don’t intend to PR on this run, but it’s at a super old cemetery, so if anything, it’s going to be awesome. I plan to have fun and burn some calories! If I manage to PR…. that will be a HUGE added bonus!!

Here is what I’m signed up for now. ATL friends, let me know if you’re planning on signing up for any of these or if you are already registered!

I’m especially excited about the trail runs! I love hiking, so this should just be a really fun extension of that. One of the reasons we chose this part of the country to relocate to was because of all the outdoor activities available, and now I feel like I am really going to be taking advantage of everything. Yay!

Are you signed up for any races you’re looking forward to this spring?


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