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Thank you for your service!

Yesterday, I was surprised to learn that some schools do not have Veteran’s Day off.

Growing up, even if we did not attend a local celebration, I always knew the meaning behind Veteran’s Day and considered it a patriotic American “holiday” where we think about and honor all of the brave soldiers who have decided to dedicate part of their lives to protecting the freedoms of our great country.

My father, Peter Berlin, pictured below visiting the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC, is a Vietnam Army Veteran. This day has always had significance to me because of him. I am very proud that he served in the Army, and plan on calling him this morning to wish him a great day.

I also want to say thank you to all of those who serve or who have served — especially to my dad, of course, and to my friends and their spouses!

Vietnam Veteran - Vietnam Memorial - Washington DC | Bright Autumn Sun © Karen Ziemkowski

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