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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! This year the boys have been VERY into Halloween, so we have gone all out with decorating the house and making a fun pumpkin carving for them. We have also been reading some Halloween books like Pumpkin Jack, The Hallo-Wiener, and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!

Here are Zachary and Will cleaning out their pumpkin:

We cleaned out our #pumpkins tonight! Can't wait to see how daddy @explorerziem will carve them tomorrow! #halloween #brothers #fun #family #jackolanterns #fall #autumn

Adrian carved a Star Wars Stormtrooper jack-o-lantern for them! They loved it! Carving a pumpkin like this is definitely challenging, but I think Adrian did a great job, and so did the boys!

Adrian carved a #stormtrooper #pumpkin for the boys! #pumpkins #halloween #autumn #fall #fun #family #pumpkincarving

Every year we put up pumpkin and purple lights on our front porch awning.

Our #Halloween #pumpkin lights! Fun!

But this year, I took it a step further! I added additional lights, cobwebs, little ghosties on our tree, and an inflatable pumpkin!

Finished the #Halloween decorations! I think our house looks pretty cute!! #pumpkin #spooky #southflorida

It’s been so fun to make new Halloween traditions this year! I cannot wait to go trick or treating tonight. My best friend, Amy (who is the boys’ godmother/aunt), is coming along for our annual trick-or-treat together around our neighborhood, while Adrian passes out the candy.

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