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So, I bought a curling iron.

Can you believe I made it to 30 without ever purchasing a curling iron?! I know!  I love curly hair, too, so it’s kind of ridiculous.

I bought the Bedhead Curlipops Conical Styler. After checking out a couple of them on YouTube, I decided I really liked the look it gave – tighter curls on top, looser waves on the bottom – and picked it up at Ulta the other day.

I love the blue color.

This was my first try. I know I’m totally frizzy, but I didn’t plan on doing my whole head, just wanted to try it out…. however, once I started, I couldn’t stop. 😉 Next time I’ll do it properly so I’m not so frizzed out! I love the pretty waves, though. Can’t wait to do this again!

So I bought a curling iron.


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