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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Everglades Detour | Instagrams from the Road

On the way to the Florida Gulf Coast for our week-long vacation at the end of February, we stopped at one of the Wildlife Management Areas in the Everglades. It was beautiful and very off the beaten path. It was super cold outside, but the sky was brilliantly blue and clear! Perfect for some photos, which I was very excited to take.

The Everglades is called “The River of Grass” and it’s easy to see why. It’s very serene and definitely one of the most ecologically interesting and beautiful places in the United States (and the world)! I would love to go back one day to one of the serious bird-watching and wildlife-watching areas without the kids and actually photograph some wildlife with my “real” camera. My inspiration for that kind of photography is my friend Nora, who is an absolutely incredible wildlife/animal photographer here in Miami.

Anyway, here are my favorite shots from that afternoon – all Instagrams. I should also mention thatĀ FULL credit goes to my wonderful husband, Adrian, for finding this great location for me to jump out and take pictures!

Karen and Zachary go up the observation deck.
(this image of me and Zachary was taken by Adrian)

Bird watching area off Alligator Alley.

White bird. #everglades #florida #igersftl

Florida at 59 degrees = perfection. #florida #everglades #igersftl

Almost invisible #spiderweb. #everglades #florida #igersftl

So peaceful & beautiful. #everglades #florida #igersftl

River of Grass. #everglades #florida #igersftl

River of Grass #everglades #florida #igersftl

Love the way the sunlight dances on the water. #everglades #florida #igersftl

Beautiful. #florida #everglades #igersftl

Zachary requested this shot :) #florida #everglades #igersftl

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