William is one month old.

I looked at the calendar today and can’t believe that William is a month old. Time has flown. I haven’t written about much this month on my blog and haven’t yet posted about my 30th birthday or my birth story, or even posted William’s newborn photos!

I have been spending most of my time cuddling with my boys and watching my little baby grow. I forgot how quickly they grow when they’re this small, and find myself wishing I could freeze time. Will is our last baby, and while I’m VERY certain that I don’t want any more kids (two is a LOT), I feel sad that this is the last time I will have a tiny, new, just born baby that will be only mine. I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can and remember all of the little details that we soon forget when our babies get bigger.

Will is a pretty typical newborn – eats a lot, sleeps a lot – you know the drill. He is a very sweet little baby, wants and loves to be held all the time. Loves to look up at you and give you sweet little smiles. He only cries when he’s hungry, needs an extra burping, or wants cuddling, and he really enjoys being worn in the baby carrier the couple of times I’ve tried. I’ve been trying out a few carriers, and so far he likes the Ergo, which happens to be the hardest for me to put on, but the most comfy for him. Whatever works, though.

He loves the bath (so far), is a decent sleeper (only waking 1-2 times in the middle of the night), and has the cutest head full of fuzzy hair. Even early on, he and Zachary have made a wonderful connection. Zachary has been the most amazing, caring big brother to William. He always says how much he loves Will and how cute he is. I love watching him interact with the baby, and I know they are going to grow up to be best friends! Zachary LOVES showing things to the baby, even though he knows the baby doesn’t understand yet. He can’t wait to teach William about Angry Birds and Star Wars and iPads and all of the awesome stuff that he loves to do!

Here’s an Instagram photo from July 1st. I need to take some new ones now that he’s officially one month, but I thought this was a cute expression and I love the “baby” onesie. I promise I will try to get some more posts up soon!

It's a darn good thing I have that onesie to remind me that he's a #baby!

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  1. This kid is just adorable! With all the descriptions you gave out here, I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a very good boy just like Zachary. Congratulations for such beautiful children! God bless your family!

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