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31 Day Blog Challenge – Introduction

I came across this 31 Day Blog Challenge on Pinterest today and thought it might be fun to try out! I’ve been trying to blog more regularly, so this would satisfy that goal for sure!

Day 1 of the challenge asks for an introduction and a recent photo.

Well, here I am, about five minutes ago! The image was taken with my newest favorite camera app — Tadaa. Best of all, I’m pretty sure it was free, or close to it!

#merightnow #tadaa

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m Karen, the author of this blog. My husband Adrian and I live in South Florida with our dachshund, Maya, and our 3.5 year old son, Zachary. We’re expecting our second baby next month (another boy), and I’m going to turn 30 in July! We live close to my parents, which is a huge benefit, as they are incredibly helpful with Zachary, not to mention they enrich our lives in lots of other ways. Almost every year we drive to eastern Tennessee to visit my husband’s parents for the holidays. Back in 2010 we got very lucky and experienced our first snow there. Last year, my in-laws visited us, so we didn’t travel, but we plan to make the trip this year. It’ll be our first trip with the baby, and we are really hoping for snow again!

As a photographer, I obviously love capturing moments for my family, friends, and clients. I wish I was a little better at printing my images and putting them in albums, but I’m trying hard to do that more often! I’m a little obsessed with my iPhone camera and I am constantly shooting snaps with my phone! I also love reading, watching tv and movies, trying new restaurants, relaxing, and taking fun adventures with my family. I’ve been blogging since I was a teenager and hope to continue over the years as a way to record my thoughts and current life events. I rarely do blog challenges like this one, but I think it’s a fun way to share with my friends and make my blog more interesting.

2 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge – Introduction

  1. Awesome! HI KAREN! 🙂 I thought briefly about doing this challenge, but I think I need to focus on other things right now. I look forward to reading your posts though!

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