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32 week home improvement progress!

I just changed the calendar last night to the May page, and I’m astounded that next month, I’ll be having a baby! How did these past few months fly by so fast?! I’m 32 weeks now, and will hit 33 on Friday. Things are underway to make our house and lives ready for a new addition, and every day I’m feeling more ready for this little boy to be here. Soon it will be time to pack my bag for the hospital and dig out the diaper bags!

I mentioned a while back that we have been doing some work on the house. Most of that work will be completed by FRIDAY!! Since the bedroom that Zachary is in right now is too small for two little boys, and my home office is much bigger, I am swapping rooms with the kids and taking the smaller room for my office. We chose paint colors and carpet styles a few weeks ago, and this week everything is being painted in both rooms (as well as a revamp of our Florida Room/patio) and the new carpeting is finally being installed!

All of Zachary’s current furniture is going in his new room, along with Zachary’s old crib, which will now belong to the baby. I’m looking forward to the extra storage space we’ll have in that room, since his old bedroom does not have a closet and the new one does! Finally, a place to put all of the toys and extra clothing! Adrian and I planned the room layout and I’m really excited to get everything set up this weekend. For now, the entire contents of my office are now living in the dining room, as will Zachary’s furniture for a couple of days until the carpet is installed at the end of the week.

As far as a theme for the bedroom, I originally wanted to do a fun vintage travel theme. But… then I realized that would work much better if it was solely a nursery. Since a baby will sharing a room with an almost-four-year-old… well, the room is just going to be a combination of whatever things my kids are into! I allowed Zachary to choose the paint colors (celadon green and a darker olive green), but other than that, I am not going with a solid theme.  Zachary already has Thomas, Toy Story, and Angry Birds sheets for his bed, which constantly get alternated out. Once the baby is big enough to enjoy the same things, I’m sure we’ll have lots of posters and other memorabilia relating to whatever the kids like the best at that moment. At the moment, I’m on a hunt for a small Angry Birds poster, since we absolutely love those games.

Here are the paint colors that Zachary chose. The colors are from the National Trust for Historic Preservation collection with Valspar at Lowe’s. The artist in me is very proud of him for selecting such a great color combination! Now that the room is painted, I’m even more excited – it looks fabulous!

valspar paint colors

Zachary is very excited to move into his new bedroom this week after the carpet is installed, and understands that he will be sharing it with the baby after he arrives. I’m looking forward to putting the crib back together (it’s still in toddler bed mode and currently used as seating in the play room), and putting it in the new room. Of course that means I’ll be replacing the seating in the playroom with a new loveseat! I just love the yellow KLIPPAN sofa from IKEA, though I don’t think the yellow will really match the walls. 🙂 Thankfully it comes in other colors – like black – which probably will be more stain-resistant. The other sofa, the SOLSTA, would go great in my new office. We had an old loveseat in my office for years, and when I needed to take a break or plop Zachary down with the iPad, I really enjoyed having some plush seating. The SOLSTA has an added advantage of being a sofabed in case we ever need space for a guest, so hopefully both of these are as cute in person as they are online!


In addition to Zachary and the baby’s room, I also get to design my new office! All of the office furniture we had here in the house was pointless after Adrian got his office space, as the office he’s in is furnished. Our office furniture was many years old and starting to fall apart anyway, so we opted to just get rid of it, and I’ve been scouring the IKEA website looking for a desk I like, among other items. I found these desks online on IKEA and like both of them. The MALM desk on the right, though, is half the price of the first one, the HEMNES desk. So, we’ll see which one I like better when we go to the store!

desk inspiration

I also need a new storage cabinet for my dining room. Our home is a bit older and is short on storage, so finding different storage options has been a little bit of a challenge over the years. A few months ago it became apparent that I would need additional storage in my dining room. I’m torn between these two HEMNES cabinets from IKEA. Love the color and style, but can’t decide between full cabinet or cabinets with drawers. I’m leaning towards the drawers, but hoping they have some samples already built in the store so that I can see both!

hemnes cabinets

So far those are all of the ideas I have, and I am really excited to implement everything before the baby gets here. I guess I am nesting in full-force now!! 🙂 After a few more things are done, my mom has volunteered to help me with decorating – something she’s much better at than I am. Things are really getting exciting and soon we will be fully prepared for the arrival of Baby #2!

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  1. At first congratulation for your baby. Looks like you are planning for a long time to change your home pattern for this new guest. You have chosen some good stuff. The furniture are nice. I liked them so much. You have a good test I must say. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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