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31 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite Recipe

One of my favorite recipes is something that is easily adaptable with different flavors — pesto pasta with roasted brussels sprouts and chicken sausage. I found it on Pinterest and have made it a few times using different types of sausage (different flavored chicken sausage is very en vogue these days) and various types of vegetables and pasta shapes. It’s something that I make when I want pasta, but also want to incorporate meat and veggies into the meal, since Zachary really enjoys both sausage and veggies when they are combined with other foods. Plus the orecchiette pasta is very cute if you can find it — I get mine at my local Super Target.

Here is a photo of the original meal I made:

Tonight's dinner - orecchiette pasta with pesto, roasted Brussels sprouts & chicken apple sausage

The recipe is pretty easy. You can find the full recipe here on Gimme some Oven and adapt it to your own personal needs. I’ve made this with brussels sprouts (obviously) as well as zucchini and yellow squash. I’m sure there are other veggies it’d be good with, too.

It is delicious and filling and makes TONS OF LEFTOVERS. Seriously, you will have this for at least another couple of lunch meals if you make it!

I haven’t made this one in a while since it requires a lot of standing while cooking the sausage and cutting the veggies, and being 9 months pregnant, it’s tough to be on my feet, but once the baby is here, I’m definitely giving it another go. It is such a good meal and I love the leftovers!

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