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31 Day Blog Challenge: An Old Photo of Me

Today’s blog challenge prompt is to post an old photo of myself. I’m not sure exactly how old the prompt is looking for…. but I found some pictures of me from right after I started dating Adrian 10 years ago, and thought I would post one, because I think I look cute. 🙂

Here I am playing on Adrian’s computer at his Winter Park apartment:

In my photo software, the date on this image is July 10th, 2002. Adrian and I had only been dating for 10 days! I was only 19 years old. 🙂 I can’t believe we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary together this summer!

If you look around you’ll find some vintage early 2000’s items such as…. gigantic CRT monitors, enormous looking web cam, old school AIM chats on the left side monitor, livejournal on the right side monitor, and my Nokia cell phone, which I thought was so awesome back in the day!

The photo was taken with Adrian’s then-fabulous Kodak DC260, which was released in 1997!

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