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31 Day Blog Challenge: Looking Forward

Today’s prompt asks what I’m looking forward to. At 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant… I don’t think there is ANY doubt in anyone’s mind as to what I am looking forward to!

My c-section for baby #2 is only three weeks away and I am so thrilled that the day is drawing near. I’ll admit it, my second pregnancy has been way harder than my first in ways I couldn’t even begin to imagine. I will be so happy for it to be over and to finally meet my new little boy.

The house is nearly ready for the baby’s arrival (just have to get a few more things!) and soon it will be time to have my baby and take him home. We are all so excited, and even Zachary knows that it’s almost go-time.

Here’s one of my favorites from my maternity portrait shoot, shot by my friend Jessica Savidge:

maternity portrait south florida

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