31 Day Blog Challenge: Five Favorite Blogs


My favorite blogs tend to change throughout the year, and I have a ton of blogs in my Google Reader that I enjoy once in a while but don’t read very often…. but here are some of the blogs I’ve been reading religiously lately.

1. Dear Crissy – this blog is a year-round favorite. Crissy and I have been friends since the late 90’s when we both started our first websites, and have stayed friends over the years. I love her photography, writing, and web design style.

2. Ciera Design – this is a new favorite! I found Ciera’s site while reading about 30 before 30 lists (since I have one I’m trying to work on), and really enjoyed reading her list. She’s a great graphic designer and has a fabulous sense of style. I also like her writing voice – she’s very easy to relate to.

3. Life as a Lilly – I love my friend Heather’s blog! She is a very healthy eater (and often posts recipes) and that is inspirational to me as I try to expand my cooking techniques. Heather is also an amazing photographer so I always enjoy the images that she blogs.

4. Fudge Banana Swirl – I love Chenin’s blog. She’s another photographer mom and has an amazing sense of style and design. She posts lots of fun things and occasional mommy anecdotes. Plus her site is so pretty, you can’t help but love it!

5. David & Anne Plus One – this is my friend Anne’s blog. We met through blogging, actually, and she takes the most beautiful photos of her life in Texas and her adorable little boy. Anne and I have a lot in common and our kids are very close in age, so I always really enjoy reading her blog and gushing over her photography!

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