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Dewdrops on the leaves

It’s been super rainy the past few days here in South Florida (in fact I hear the rain coming down outside as I type) and I’ve been meaning to try out some macro photography since I haven’t shot ANYTHING for myself in months — it’s just been work work work!

I forced myself to slap my 100 f/2.8L on to my 5D the other day and run out after the rain had stopped for a bit and composed a few shots of the dewdrops settling on the plants in my front yard. They’re certainly no “Peter Lik” but I like them and they made me happy to shoot! Hope you enjoy 🙂 This is what the beginning of Spring looks like in South Florida!

100mm f/2.8 @ 1/90 sec

macro photography of dewdrops in south florida

100mm f/11 @ 1/125 sec

100mm f/11 @ 1/125 sec

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