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Hot Pink Spring in South Florida

I gotta, say, I really love this time of year in South Florida. It’s not cold (though I wouldn’t mind if it was a tad cooler!). And most days are full of crisp sunshine or relaxing rain showers. It’s the beginning of our rainy season, which will hit a high point in the summer months (when Hurricane Season begins).

For now, though, I’ve been noticing the green grass and the colors of the flowers blooming like crazy around town, as our plant life is really being nourished by the almost-daily rain – something we desperately need as it seems South Florida is always in drought-mode.

I’ve been commuting each day to Adrian’s office for the past few weeks to help with rolling out the latest version of our photography studio management software – T├íve 3.0. Outside the office building are a couple of bougainvilleas which are a beautiful hot pink! I couldn’t help snagging an Instagram shot of the flowers with my iPhone the other day. I always take a moment to look at the flowers before I go inside to get work done, and their beautiful bright shade of pink never fails to put me in a positive mood.


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  1. The colors around us inspire what we wear, our moods, and how we decorate our homes. I need a splash of hot pink somewhere in my house now!!

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