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Wordless Wednesday: My favorite ultrasound photo

I’m a little late to post this (been super busy the past couple weeks), but we had our “big ultrasound” about 3 weeks ago, and found out that we’ll be having another boy! Adrian and I are REALLY excited (and so is Zachary, who wanted the baby to be a brother). I’ll be 21 weeks this week and am blown away by how quickly time is moving compared to my first pregnancy.

Here’s my favorite ultrasound image for this week’s WW — it’s a little hard to see in this Instagrammed photo of the ultrasound printout (I was too tired to scan it, heh), but if you look closely you can see his little feet coming up over his head, like he’s doing a somersault inside my tummy! So cute!

My favorite ultrasound pic of our little boy!

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