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my favorite word


no matter what I’m doing or feeling, the sound of my little boy’s voice calling out “mommy!” never fails to bring a smile to my face.

I love words. and before I became a mommy, there used to be words that I loved to see and hear and say – loved the way they feel under my fingertips as I type them, the way they slide easily off your tongue, or the way the sound woven into conversation.

but now?

now, my favorite word is, “mommy” as spoken by my little boy.

it’s the best sounding word I’ve ever known.

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2 thoughts on “my favorite word

  1. oh for sure! I love when he says “momma”….i was talking to my son today, as always. telling him how much i love him..and i SWEAR he said “love you” back to me!!!! he’s 16 months old…and he said “love you” OMG, i was so excited!! he hasn’t said it again..but so cool!!

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