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I talk a lot about how important it is to me to make photo albums from my memories, and creating an album for Zachary’s first and second year as well as some of our family vacations is one of my big priorities this year.

I’ve also been trying to shoot more frequently, and while many of the images I’ve been taking will either get blogged someday or simply live on my hard drive, I know full well that’s not the best way to display my life, especially since it’s a record of a time in Zachary’s life that is, literally… once in a lifetime.

I came across this post at The Creative Mama a few days ago called One Frame a Day, and it really inspired me to a) keep shooting – even if it doesn’t end up being every day, which it hasn’t been, just shoot as much as I can, and b) turn the images into a book at the end of the year.

I love how Erin (the author) created a template for each day, titling & dating the image and writing a short blurb about the memory. This is super simple to do, and at the end of each week you can insert your image, title, date, and blurb and the pages are prepped for printing. While I haven’t done this yet, it’s something that’s on my to do list in the coming weeks. I also like how she prints more than one copy so that later in life she will give each of her children a copy of the books and alternate who receives the new copy for that year and who receives the dog-eared version.

Digital photography is an absolutely amazing thing which has enabled us to document our lives like never before; however photos are meant to be printed, not to live on a hard drive. I would have given anything to have a book of near-daily images from my own childhood and I know my children are more than lucky to have theirs lives captured. That blog post has jump started my motivating to get my images in print so that our whole family can enjoy them to their full extent!

All posts are better with a picture, so here’s a very cute photo I took about two weeks ago. Zachary was “helping” Adrian play a Wii game. The expression on his face is absolutely priceless as he watches Adrian battle the bad guy! Too adorable!

Helping Daddy play Nintendo

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