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Friday inspiration

I think I’m going to start posting different quotes each week. I’ve found so many wonderful quotes – and I just joined Pinterest and there are so many great ones created with beautiful text and fonts and drawings listed on that site already. So many great pieces of inspiration right at my fingertips – waiting to be shared with you!

So, here’s the first one. This was one of the first quotes I found using Pinterest and my friend Alissa actually got me a mug with this quote on it from Quotable Cards, a company whose stuff I just love .

Anyway, Alissa put a lot of thought into picking this quote for me since I always have so much going on, and it really resonates. Hope it brings you some peace, too, on this Friday afternoon.

buy your own quotable peace mug

Happy Friday, friends. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Friday inspiration

  1. This just pumped a little life back in my step. I have this on a coffee mug and while it may sound silly, it’s one of my most treasured possessions. It reminds me to stand still and breathe every now and helps me reclaim my comfort zone in chaos.

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