for the dogs… {custom pet tags}

I’m always looking for cute but practical things for my doggie, Maya. She’s not a very active dog, so I don’t buy her a lot, as she usually prefers to play with her tennis ball or lounge on a blanket. But, she’s had the same boring pet tag since she was a puppy and I’d love to get her a pretty one some time.

I can’t stop looking at these gorgeous pet ID tags by The Copper Poppy (and everything else in their Etsy shop). They have a very unique stamping style – it’s not just stamped letters on a metal disc, it’s actually really artistically done with different patterns to make each one completely interesting and gorgeous.

if you love hand stamped stuff you really must take a look. here are some of my favorite pet tag designs:

custom pet tags by copper poppy custom pet tags by copper poppy

images from The Copper Poppy

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