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life, camera, action: a stressful day

So, I’m sick of posting a photo each Wednesday for “Wordless Wednesday” and then writing a book about the image. So, I’m trying this out… for photos about my life where the picture can’t just stand alone, it’ll be a part of “life, camera action” rather than “Wordless Wednesday.” If you want to join in, let me know and I will make a button and a linky for you to use.

So, Zachary started pre-school this summer, and after being home with me and Adrian for 18 months, I knew it was only a matter of time before the germs would start attacking – lol. He’s been getting colds off and on. After his last round of being sick, I thought we’d finally kicked it, so I sent him to school on Monday, but when he got home, I noticed after he ate his dinner that he looked very flush and felt warm. I took his temp and he had a raging fever! After some Motrin, he was feeling a lot better, so I tucked him in and hoped that it was a fluke – after all, he was still on antibiotics from the last cold.

When he woke up, his skin was burning hot and his temp was 104! We took him to the doctor immediately after checking his white count and finding it to be very high, she instructed us to head over to the ER for a full blood culture and an antibiotic IV. Zachary was curious about being at the hospital at first, and looked around at everything, but soon realized what was happening and was not too pleased. He was VERY brave getting his IV put in, and I think the whole experience was probably more traumatic for me than it was for him, since he’ll soon forget it, but I’ll have to remember it forever. The doctor determined that he had a bacterial infection that was very common with babies and toddlers because their immune systems are not developed yet, gave Z the antibiotic through an IV, and sent us on our way.

We noticed him feeling better very quickly, as he began taking fluids, eating, and playing. By the end of the evening, his temperature was nearly normal. This morning, his temp was more than normal. We still have to return to the doctor 2 more times for more antibiotics (via injection – poor Zachary!) today & tomorrow, but at least they are powerful antibiotics that will knock this out and get him feeling 100%.

Yesterday was a horribly stressful day and just an awful experience for my little guy, but as my mom said, if it didn’t happen now, he could have gotten it later on down the road. Now he will have better immunity to these types of germs, and he will forget that this whole thing ever happened — but his mom & dad will be there to tell him how brave he was AND show him a photo of the first time he had to go to the hospital!

** Both images were taken with the iPhone 4

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