Daily Life

Being sick sucks.

I apologize to those of you still waiting for me to announce the winners of my final Photo Fun Month giveaways. I will do it soon, whenever I can get back to the computer. I’m writing from my phone at the moment. Zachary got sick over the weekend and for the first time ever, I… Read More Being sick sucks.


your mileage may vary

It’s really interesting how pregnancy is different for everyone. This week I’ll be at the 14 week mark, and by the photos I posted, it’s so obvious how I’m showing already! Due to pregnancy related nausea & food aversion, I’ve actually lost 8lb since getting pregnant! I haven’t looked this good in a while, actually!… Read More your mileage may vary


letters to my body

Dear Sciatica, I don’t like you.  You hurt. Go away. PLEASE. Love, Me Dear Sleep, You are inconvenient and for the weak. I don’t need you. Love, Me Dear Stomach, You haven’t had a proper meal in weeks, mainly because you get nauseated by anything I eat or consider eating. Come on, don’t you want… Read More letters to my body